Terms of Service
1 「Avail」(hereinafter, the Site) has established the Terms of Use, we will provide this service.
Members will consent to our membership agreement, you can not become a member If you are under 20 years old.
Terms of Use View obligation,It is assumed that you are licensed content.

2 This site allows you to change or stop the transmission or services such as News, guide mail without notice.
For server load reduction
If e-mail transmission use of there was no more than a week,
We will stop the membership.

3 Following contents use of is prohibited.
As soon as caretaker discovered
Posted content
You may want to unregister
It acts contrary to the contents of this service.
And slander the registrant or a third party, or insult or, the act of damaging the honor.
Registrant, or the act of infringement of the third party's privacy.
Registrant, or a third party e-mail address, telephone number, address, etc. of the individual, act of public corporate information.
If there is a complaint to have been a writing falsely telephone number of others, the e-mail address, and disclose some of the information, you may be asked to resolve in your discussions with your person in question to each other.
Acts that lead to criminal behavior
Act contrary to public order and morals
Content viewers like feel uncomfortable
The actions that the potential
Compensated dating, use for the purpose of transfer of money, also possible act that is similar to it.
Telephone number, e-mail address, personal information of writing such as address, operating purposes, advertising, such as Ponzi scheme
Act to infringe the copyright or intellectual property rights of third parties, also its possible action.
Act to infringe third party property or privacy, also its possible action.
Acts of all involved in the election campaign, etc., also acts and to similar to this.
Act interfere with the operation of this service, also act to damage the confidence of this service.
Unspecified number such as blogs and SNS is in consultation with the member content and the act of describing the information the damages claim commensurate an operating interference in this service in a location that can be viewed, it is assumed that it can be carried out .
Other, act contrary to the laws and regulations ordinances, also its possible action.
All other users and service administrator or the site is determined to not appropriate actions.
You will lose all the remaining points if you unsubscribe.

If it is re-registered, it is not possible to re-add the points lost.

4 This service will respect the member's privacy, we do not have confirmation of the use contents until it is determined that there is a need for confirmation. On that is available on that you agree to the Terms of Service, some sort of damage or accident, and even if there is trouble such as among members, the site does not take any responsibility.

5 Admission fee, monthly registration fee, withdrawal is ordered and free.

Members were purchased in advance points, can use this service by consuming that point.
It can be purchased at one point 10 yen.

You will lose all the remaining points if you unsubscribe.

If it is re-registered, it is not possible to re-add the points lost.
If you unsubscribe, the point that has been held is extinguished deadline will also be revoked Please note.
Withdrawal fees and the like will not occur.
If it is withdrawal, please contact us to that effect addressed to the secretariat.
Please earnestly attention to fraud recovery act of malicious skilled in the art.
Please check the specification contractor bank account number of the site at the site.

7 If you use the Service there was some sort of criminal activity, make the report to the relevant authorities.
It resolves the responsibility of the party there is a problem between the member to each other or a third party. This site does not assume any responsibility.
Any support for the use of this service it is by e-mail.
This site is support of electronic equipment and software such as the member itself use is not performed.

You may want to perform maintenance on an irregular basis.

During maintenance there is also that you can not use a while function. Please acknowledge.

9 Member shall be agreed to guide the various types of information the site is related to this service to members by e-mail and the like.

In addition, internet access cost or mobile phone expense payment obligation occurs by receiving the mail is assumed to some members.
(Mobile phone packet price to pay to each company, etc.)

10 As well as the site to comply with the policies and guidelines of laws and administrative institutions established, members to implement safety measures so that you can site use with peace of mind, unauthorized access to information, data loss, destruction, falsification and precautionary measures against leakage, etc.We will take.

However, if legally unavoidable will an exception.

11 This site is, if the act of the member is determined to violate the prohibitions set forth by those membership rules, you can be withdrawal of membership without notice.

Also if you wish to unsubscribe, please contact the Secretariat by e-mail.

After sending the effect of withdrawal to the Secretariat, you will automatically withdraw the case seven days login did not.

If there is a login within 7 days, withdrawal application considers the resumption of the use of intention will not be accepted.

Unsubscribed after the completion point will be lost.

12 This site is for the members of this service,
e-mail, and display in the site, you will be notified of the information and advertising to members in a way that the site is determined to be appropriate.
13 This website is intended to provide a service for the purpose of communication among members, does not guarantee the encounter.

On because the billing as system usage fee will have occurred in that, when the damage and the trouble occurs in the member or between members and third parties through the Service, the site as a self-responsibility we do not take any responsibility.

14 If there are any questions at the time, which is the point purchase please contact us until information.

Contents of the purchase and use of point of remains unclear can not cause trouble.

Please contact your unknown secretariat in the case of once.

With respect to what no inquiry it is determined that the has been understanding, we can not do refund of the purchase in the misunderstanding.

15 There is no be forced to join the other sites at the time of admission.

16 Members of the right member family relationship and of self to draw the attention of the opposite sex, it can be exaggerated the property related to the more than reality.

If the damage and the trouble occurs in the member or between members and third parties, the site as a self-responsibility does not take any responsibility.

17 Although it has been forbidden to possess multiple accounts.

If it is determined that the malicious mischief, on the member consultation, you may want to claim damages.

18 This website, Terms regularly review, we will change to the proper content.

19 Act to transfer the ID to another person in the service of this site, act to log in ID of others has become prohibited.

With regard to unauthorized access making it a prohibited by law.

If it is the unauthorized access, there is that one year in prison or five hundred thousand yen a fine of not more than are imposed.

This site has been prohibited RMT action (buying and selling act of the site point to a third party).

We will consider it as soon as revelation forced withdrawal.

Specific purpose of use by the Personal Information Protection Law Article 15
Personal information to be notified from customers,

Within the services that we offer,

Another service is the premise of the use of ""member identification"",

It is used exclusively for applications within the range stipulated in the membership contract.
If you are asked for personal information presentation of the user from the public institutions,

Only if the acts and our side that the user exerts a detrimental act or our touch to act or law on the disadvantage to a third party has determined,

It assumes that the personal information and registration details such as the user's identity can be notified to the public authorities or the third party.
Registration information to enable promptly correct any demand of the user.
The Company will be handled strictly on the basis of the Company's privacy policy for personal information.

22 For during the trial period
In our site we have made it possible to send the admission bulletin board search and boilerplate in free registration.

Please note that does not reach the e-mail to the person who even has been to send a non-boilerplate opponent.

In addition, age verification received send an identification to the information is becoming essential if it is this registration to our site.
・Points Table
Send mail 30points
Mail opening 20points

・Contact hours

・Payment type
Bank transfer
Credit card
Convenience store direct

・Prices of goods
Please check the price list.

・Deliver the goods
Time of settlement

・Returned or exchanged
On the characteristics of the service, return / exchange can not be accepted.

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